More energy with EPIC® SOLAR 4 THIN

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Now it’s the end of the large loss of energy in photovoltaic plants. The Stuttgart Lapp Group has developed a new photovoltaic- connector system, with the efficiency of a plant can be increased significantly.
The new EPIC® SOLAR THIN 4 is mateable into the most used 4mm system in the market.
A new developed contact and connection technique system leaves the connector cold, even at high currents and for low temperature means longer life.
The assemblies will be manufactured in a full automated constant high quality. The impeccable operation of photovoltaic plants of any size is reliable.


  • Connector cable for photovoltaic modules
  • Connector cable for crystalline and thin film modules and other new technologies
  • Connector cable for die weather-proof cabling of photovoltaic plants
  • Connector cable for continuously recurrent variations

Major product benefits:

  • Unresistant cable connection for efficient energy transmission
  • Innovative, patent pending contact system with lowest contact resistant
  • High reliability and longevity by welded bonding
  • Wide range of wire sizes from 1,5mm² up to 6mm²
  • Super flat size, only 12mm
  • Automatic production, 100% tested, Made in Germany



EPIC® SOLAR 4 THIN is certified by TUEV Rheinland according EN 50521. The document is available at TUEV DOT COM No. 28 387 here